Stag Fallow Deer grazing next to a JCB digger excavating the site


Work on a brand new building for Securi-Guard must have come as a bit of a surprise to one of the company’s more well-known group of visitors.

Herds of wild deer have become a familiar sight on grassland adjoining the firm’s HQ in Darklake View, Estover for a number of years now.

And the arrival of diggers and ongoing building work on the new building doesn’t appear to have put them off paying the odd visit.

Photos of deer wandering about the site were captured recently by Kim Precious, Managing Director – Securi-Guard Monitoring, who is also a keen and accomplished photographer in her spare time.

“I have to say it took me quite by surprise when I spotted them walking near the digger and around the foundations not long after construction began,” said Kim.

“They didn’t seem at all bothered, but I think it is fair to say we have not seen as much of them since the work started. I can’t say I blame them really.”

Over the years, Kim has taken many photos of visiting herds that have frequented the grassed area so often that they have become known as the ‘Securi-Guard Deer’.

Sometimes they get even closer. Kim once managed to photograph a tiny fawn resting in a patch of gravel, just yards from the entrance to Securi-Guard’s main offices.

“The deer have always been very much part of the Securi-Guard family so we hope they will return more regularly when the construction work is finally completed,” added Kim.