From left to right – Sen Nash and Gavin Boorman (MD) of Blacklinesafety alongside Pete Stanley and Kim Precious (MD) of Securi-Guard Monitoring


Securi-Guard Monitoring will play a vital role in support of a brand new product set to revolutionise gas detection capabilities in personal protection devices.

Securi-Guard will provide Gold industry standard monitoring services for Blackline Safety Europe’s latest G7 range of connected safety devices, which will be brought to the UK and European markets early in 2017.

Traditional personal gas detector systems operate much like smoke alarms, which rely on calling for help nearby with an audible alarm. In contrast, G7 stays linked to either a 2G/3G telecommunications connection, delivering continuous live monitoring of users wherever they are.

Pete Stanley, Head of Telematics at Plymouth-based Securi-Guard, is delighted the company will be partnering Blackline following the launch of the G7 range, which he said would set a new benchmark in personal protection technology.

“Blackline has raised the bar again with its G7 range that offers unparalleled protection and gas detection capabilities in a hand held device that we regard as second to none,” said Pete.

“Our ongoing relationship with Blackline continues to go from strength to strength and they clearly have confidence in our ability to deliver monitoring services with a proven track record in support of this exciting new product.”

The G7 range consists of a standard protection device that continually monitors the safety of an employee and provides two-way text messaging combined with 2-way voice, fall detection, ‘no motion’ detection and ‘missed check in’ functions.

But what makes the G7 really special are the single gas and quad gas devices in the range, which incorporate all the features of the standard device alongside integrated gas sensors.

Users can select one of three interchangeable G7 cartridges—the Standard cartridge is suitable for facilities without exposure to gases. The Single-gas and Quad-gas cartridge options incorporate the customer’s choice of gas sensors to meet their monitoring needs. Gas sensors are customer-selected from a current range of six sensor types. When the Single-gas or Quad-gas cartridge reaches the end of its serviceable life span, it can be replaced – without taking the device out of service.

Securi-Guard will provide 24/7 monitoring services for G7 and Blackline’s other protection devices from its National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold BS 8484 Lone Worker Monitoring Centre.

In 2104, the company was selected as sole UK monitoring provider by Blackline, a Canadian based company, which is globally renowned as one of the market leaders of wireless location technology, as well as covert tracking solutions.

It manufactures and markets both products and services for worker safety monitoring—including lone workers, designed for those employees facing daily risks in their work, including the threat from gas leaks.

As part of the contract, Securi-Guard is also providing advice, support and monitoring solutions for Blackline across Europe, via its pioneering Securi-Track service, which was launched in 2011.

Securi-Track works with approved security firms in 16 European countries to provide a European Police Response Service to incidents of vehicle theft and hijacking abroad. The same platform is being used for round the clock monitoring of Blackline’s range of lone worker protection devices.