Ctrack  – one of the UK’s largest vehicle tracking and resource management providers – has signed up with Plymouth-based Securi-Guard who will provide 24/7 monitoring of its latest security product.

The Leeds-based firm’s Ctrack ICE is the very latest in lone worker monitoring devices, which are used to protect those workers at potential risk of assault or who work in remote, potentially hazardous locations.

The device offers emergency support for lone workers and two-way voice communication, as well as providing employers with the means of locating its workers in the field when in need of asistance.

Under the contract, the devices will be monitored 24/7 and 365 days of the year from Securi-Guard’s Systems Operating Centre (SOC), which is based at the company’s Estover HQ and is linked to the UK’s 52 police forces and other emergency services.

Head of Telematics UK and Europe at Securi-Guard Pete Stanley –said the new contract would see Securi-Guard working with one of the real industry leaders.

“More than 3,000 companies are now using Ctrack’s advanced technology solutions and we are obviously delighted to be working with such a major force in the industry,” said Pete.

“More and more companies are recognising the value and technological sophistication offered by our services which can now include our European Response Service – Securi-Track and with our eight Gold Accreditations, the most of any National Security Inspectorate (NSI) member in the UK, Ctrack can be assured of the highest possible level of service and professionalism.”

Launched in July last year, the innovative Securi-Track system is a major international scheme designed to simplify incident management when vehicles are attacked or stolen – saving customers time and money.

Currently, it is commonplace for tracking companies reporting incidents of vehicle theft or hijacking abroad to go through a third party operator which in turn, alerts authorities in the particular country where the crime has taken place.

But Estover-based Securi-Guard’s high tech computer system takes the third party service out of the equation and links directly to a specially recruited team of security companies in key European countries.

The system means both Securi-Guard and its network of European security specialists are sharing a common computerised management platform that can be regularly updated and reviewed as required, speeding up incident reporting and investigation.