A revolutionary new personal safety service available via a mobile phone app will be monitored by Securi-Guard from its Plymouth HQ following the award of a new contract.

Securi-Guard Monitoring has been contracted to provide round the clock monitoring of the new PanicGuard app – under an agreement with both PanicGuard and Crimestoppers.

PanicGuard has been hailed as the ultimate personal safety feature available via a mobile phone – and is also the world’s first personal safety app of its kind to be endorsed by the Police under its ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

Recommended for lone and vulnerable workers, those with medical conditions or anyone who fears they are at risk of assault, the app can record audio and video evidence to help in legal actions and prosecutions.

Pete Stanley, Head of Head of Telematics at Plymouth-based Securi-Guard, said: “The PanicGuard app is a significant development in the field of personal safety protection and we are delighted to be able to provide the necessary monitoring services to ensure its effectiveness.

“Securi-Guard is fully committed to supporting the work of both PanicGuard and Crimestoppers and we have the necessary knowledge and technology in place to give all users of this device complete peace of mind.”

Available for both iphone and several Android mobiles, the PanicGuard app turns a mobile phone into an all-in-one personal alarm and GPS tracker complete with audio and video recording capabilities.

The user activates the PanicGuard alarm by either shaking or tapping the phone, which can also activate a flash to attract attention. At the same time, the mobile phone also sends an SMS message to the designated emergency contacts a user has chosen

When the alarm has finished, the app is closed and the device reverts to resembling an ordinary mobile phone home screen. If the alarm has failed to scare the attacker off, the device then automatically records a short video which can be used to subsequently identify the assailant

Even if the attacker then attempts to steal or damage the phone, the video/audio recording has already been uploaded automatically to the user’s account on Panicguard.com

As the app utilises GPS technology from the moment it is turned on, Securi-Guard’s monitoring team can backtrack a user’s movements prior to the alarm being activated, which may enable additional information such as CCTV footage to be gathered by police if required.

Every member of the monitoring team is fully trained in providing the necessary response to an activation from the device, which has been agreed with both PanicGuard and Crimestoppers.

PanicGuard is the latest addition to Securi-Guard’s portfolio of monitoring services provided from its 24/7 National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold Approved CAT ll control centre.