Securi-Track, the pioneering international vehicle and asset tracking service operated by Securi-Guard, has won a major contract to monitor fish transportation in Scandinavia.

The Plymouth-based security company provide live 24/7 monitoring of the secure transportation of fish from the Nordic regions to Italy.

This will be done via its state of the art Secure Operating Centre (SOC) at Estover, which is linked to the UK’s 52 police forces and other emergency services.

The contract also involves Securi-Guard’s network of European partners in the Securi-Track service providing a security response to the clients, should any of the lorries be targeted by hijackers or thieves.

In the event of an incident, the European partners communicate with their own country’s emergency services, preventing any language barriers which help to speed up the process of recovering a stolen or hijacked lorry and its load.

It was Lars Albaek, owner of Danish company Al-Kon, who asked Securi-Track to provide the monitoring and European Response Service for the fish transportation.

He works with the insurers CODAN Insurance Denmark/Norway, part of the Sun Alliance Group, and the Norwegian transport company Redline Int Thermo, who operate the deliveries.

It is a requirement of the Italian Authorities that deliveries of this type are safeguarded at all times, making Securi-Track the perfect choice for providing this service.

Lars said he was particularly impressed that Securi-Guard was not only able to advise on the performance of the new tracking devices for the transport vehicles, but monitor both the new and the old models simultaneously during the switchover.

Having worked with Securi-Guard in the past on other European services he was also confident in the company’s ability to deliver the level of service he was looking for via Securi-Track.

“Securi-Guard and Securi-Track are among the leaders in the field for monitoring high risk, high value transports and I had no hesitation in securing their services for this contract,” said Lars.

“Their systems knowledge, as well as their understanding of what my requirements were, resulted in a complete solution that is being delivered in a highly professional manner. I was very confident in their ability to deliver such a solution and I have not been disappointed.”

Pete Stanley, Head of Telematics at Securi-Guard and who was in charge of developing the Securi-Track service, said: “Securi-Track continues to set new standards in the field of vehicle and asset monitoring and we are delighted to be able to deliver a monitoring service that is absolutely tailored to Lars’ needs.”

The innovative Securi-Track system is a major international scheme designed to simplify incident management when vehicles are attacked or stolen – saving customers both time and money.

Typically, tracking companies go through a third-party operator when reporting incidents of vehicle thefts or hijacking abroad, who in turn alerts the authorities in the particular country where the crime has taken place.

In contrast, Estover-based Securi-Guard’s high tech computer system removes the third party service from the process and links directly to a specially recruited team of security companies in key European countries.

The system means both Securi-Guard and its network of European security specialists are sharing a common computerised management platform that can be regularly updated and reviewed as required, speeding up incident intervention, reporting and investigation.