CCTV Monitoring

The Securi-Guard Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) can monitor your CCTV 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have a wide choice of equipment including AvigilonAdpro Fast Trace 2, HIKVision, Vista Smartel/Camtel, Videcon (Concept Pro) and Videofied.

Securi-Guard Monitoring provides you with assurance that our Operators always monitor your CCTV connections. We are a fully compliant National Security Inspectorate (NSI) GOLD BS 8418 RVRC, with a wide range of detector activated, remote monitored CCTV signalling paths.

All these are sensor driven activation’s for either commercial or private properties.

At Securi-Guard, you are guaranteed an immediate response from our trained, dedicated and professional Operators. As soon as they detect an intrusion on your premises, the CCTV Operators manning the RVRC are notified. After viewing the activation, they can then make the best decision on the next course of action.

This may vary from just an audio warning to deter the intruder to calling a key holder. If required, activation’s on BS 8418 commissioned sites, if caused by an intruder, can be policed.

Securi-Guard Monitoring understands the need for installers to provide and respond rapidly to any issues with their equipment to identify problems and/or criminal offences. All CCTV activations are logged on Sentinel Plus and these reports are forwarded to the installer on a daily basis.

Securi-Guard equally understands that the installation of the CCTV system is just as important as the monitoring. To this end we will only monitor systems that are installed to the latest NSI standards and have been registered with the Data Protection Commission, in accordance with the Data Protection Act for CCTV systems 1998. This ensures that any data collected can be used accordingly, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies.

All new CCTV sites will go on a minimum of a 7-day soak test. If any problems are identified within this period, the installation company will be informed in order for them to rectify the problem before Securi-Guard accepts the site as a live monitored system.

If you would like to discuss your monitoring requirements and the services you are interested in please contact us today.