Vehicle Tracking

If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, or you supply telematic products then you need a vehicle tracking/monitoring service that you and your clients can rely on.

We are one of only five National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accredited Systems Operating Centres (SOC) in the United Kingdom and wrote the CAT5 SOC monitoring requirements used by the inspectorate for accreditations.

We provide vehicle monitoring to the Thatcham CAT5 standard, as well as Thatcham CAT6 and CAT7.

Being a CAT5 NSI Gold accredited SOC, we have the ability to remotely communicate with the vehicle (to assist in its recovery) once police approval has been given. We have exclusive direct line access to each of the 45 Police forces throughout the United Kingdom (for European emergency response services, see our Securi-Track website).

Note: Police response priority is given to CAT5 accredited services above any other and is dependent on police resources and other commitments at the time of reporting.

Securi-Guard Monitoring can assist with your choice of system that will meet your requirements, as well as providing the 24/7 peace of mind that your valued possession will be professionally handled should an alert be generated regardless of its location.

These systems may alert the SOC if a vehicle;
• is moving with its immobiliser engaged
• if the alarm has activated
• if an unauthorised movement of the vehicle is detected i.e. outside a pre-set geo-fences or watch box.

Our Operators are used to dealing with stressful situations where assets or personnel are at risk.

All information gathered during an incident is supplied to the relevant police force.

A full written report will be available for further investigations or prosecution if required within 24hrs / next working day.
With many years experience in this area of operation, Securi-Guard Monitoring is a company you can rely on.

If you would like to discuss your monitoring requirements and the services you are interested in please call Adrian Baker on 01752 512134 today.