Securi-Guard has been successful in its application to join the high profile Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) that helps to combat the security threats to international supply chains around the globe.

With the theft of high value, high risk products being transported around Europe costing businesses more than 8.2 billion euros a year, TAPA provides a unique forum to help combat this type of crime.

It brings together manufacturers, logistic providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of protecting supply chains and reducing losses.

Membership of TAPA means Securi-Guard – which operates vehicle monitoring from a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Cat II Gold accredited Secure Operating Centre (SOC) –  has been recognised as having the security knowledge that would benefit the association’s members.

Securi-Guard is looking forward to sharing this with TAPA to assist in the development of the association’s Truck Security Requirements (TSRs).

Securi-Guard’s (SOC) is also one of only five in the country recognised by the UK police for monitoring high risk / high value assets.

Pete Stanley, Head of Telematics at Securi-Guard said: “TAPA plays a significant role in tackling international supply chain crime and we are delighted to be given an opportunity to use our expertise to assist in that.

“TAPA’s 600 plus members includes many of the world’s leading manufacturing brands and transport providers so it is clearly a prestigious organisation to be a part of.”

TAPA members will also benefit from the security coverage of Securi-Guard’s Securi-Track service, which provides an incident response service covering areas of trade in and around Europe.

Securi-Track is the pioneering international vehicle and asset tracking service operated by Securi-Guard, and its network of European partners, which is designed to speed up management of hijacking and theft incidents.

In the event of an incident, the European partners communicate with their own country’s emergency services, preventing any language barriers, which helps to speed up the process of recovering a stolen or hijacked lorry, as well as its driver and load.

Typically, tracking companies go through a third-party operator when reporting incidents of vehicle thefts or hijacking abroad, who in turn alerts the authorities in the particular country where the crime has taken place.

In contrast, Estover-based Securi-Guard’s high tech computer system removes the third party service from the process and links directly to a specially recruited team of security companies in key European countries.

The system means both Securi-Guard and its network of European security specialists are sharing a common computerised management platform that can be regularly updated and reviewed as required, speeding up incident intervention, reporting and investigation